Younger Men, Older Men

James Spader - So fine back in the day.
James Spader – So fine back in the day.

I am at the age now where I can talk about being approached by both younger and older men. To be brutally honest I’ve not yet been able to opt for a man far outside my age range because I find it hard to make decision either way.

Younger men have not yet been disillusioned to the point where they become jaded. I still see the softness in their eyes and the expectation of hearts that haven’t been crushed nor have they been too deeply disappointed yet. They’re still so eager to please and super-enthusiastic, so vibrant and energetic it’s just contagious.

My biggest turn-off about young men is that they don’t know how to woo a woman. They want your number without putting on a mac. They don’t even give that “Hey girl, how you doing?” line. Young men plan to text you a message they cut and pasted from somewhere. They don’t even call you on the phone to have one of those long pointless conversations that are essential in winning a girl over. I know I am sounding extremely old-fashioned, but you have to earn my attention and when a person just expects me to part with my number and court me in cyberspace, I feel short-changed.

Younger men are beautiful, well-groomed, open and sweet, but I find it hard to make a decision about a younger man because there is no courting ritual to base my assessment on.

James Spader - Infinitely more sexy now
James Spader – Infinitely more sexy now

Older men, they are great. They’re mellow and so confident and because they have seen so much they’re not easily fazed. Older men are generous, in money and in spirit. You can have awesome conversations with older men; they actually listen and remember what you say. Older men are also very courteous and charming and they keep this respectable distance that I find very sweet. They can put into practise what younger men wish they can pull off. Well-seasoned men have a certain warmth and caring about them that is very satisfying to experience.

There are some fine looking daddies out there, but I must say that the majority haven’t really made the effort to look as good as they can and that’s a pity. What I do miss in older men is that fire and vitality that is so essential to attractiveness. A flaming and passionate heart surely can make up for the ravages of time, but running low on both counts does not make for a good combination. For the lucky few that fire gets to be replaced by power, if the man has managed to gain some.

Ooh James...
Ooh James…

The men on my level have just the right mixture of energy, edge and experience to make them unbelievably appealing. I’m drawn in by the self-assurance a man gains when he knows he has hit his stride. That’s damn attractive! Generally I prefer the strong and silent type and the most seductive thing a man can say to me is: ‘Let me fix that for you.’ I love a man who can deal with stuff. A man who can make things ok, who leaves evidence of his presence in my life. No bad boys, no flirts, no child-men, no sensitive types who are too in touch with their feminine side (!!??), just a man who has his act together. Thank you.

None of that is limited by age, so I suppose I’ll keep my options open.


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