I’ve had my dream love and I’ve been to the heights of love that I know most can only dream of. I know what it feels like to swim in an ocean of soft, creamy love. I’ve felt my soul melding with the essence of another. I’ve lived the fantasy.

I’ve looked into the eyes of my lover and seen my true home there. I’ve seen centuries of love and mistakes we share. I’m familiar with someone consciously knowing all my failures and triumphs spanning lifetime after lifetime. I know that two souls can make an appointment in the mists beyond life and time and be inexorably drawn to keep their word to each other. I know eternal love. I’ve loved with all of myself and I know that my being has the power and the beauty to make me irresistible to the one who was made to match me.

In love I am a fearless and seasoned warrior–woman. Truly loving and allowing myself to be deeply loved makes me invincible. My heart cannot be broken, my expectations cannot be lowered. My dreams cannot be defiled and my passion cannot be extinguished. I cannot be lead astray from my path and I will never be made to step down from my pedestal. I’ve been inoculated against a spirit of disheartenment, I’m impervious to defeat.

I’ve leapt of jagged cliffs to test my wings. I reject the admonishing of those who know better but cannot love better than I do. I’ve been maimed and taken prisoner in many amorous battles, but in the war of love I will never be vanquished. I’m beyond a fearsome opponent and more than steadfast compatriot for I don’t fear death.

I may be fashioned from flesh and bone, but driven by love alone. And love is more than a soppy sentiment, but a force that empowers. And love is a life goal and not just momentary emotional event. And love is not what I feel, it is what I live for, it is what I will continue to call forth with all that is within me. It is what my heart beats for in my most quiet, most private and most honest moments.

I desire wholeheartedness, gentle intensity, tender passion, authenticity. The love I was made for is so vast I can’t contain it. It spills over into the lives of others and touches them, affects them, infects them, and changes them.

It is love meant for Masters, for Gods, for us!



    • I like the way you put it, ‘small infatuations’ I’m up to the back teeth with those and you know once you have known the best it’s impossible to go back to game-playing and silly little romances.

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  1. I can tell you are operating on a high level frequency because your thinking is not shallow or based solely on fleeting emotions. Good for you. I look forward to reading more of what you have to share on your blog! Thanks for taking the time to stop by mine as well!

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  2. Beautiful and strong!!!!!!!! Beyond the sentiments of what I say about your thoughts is the unknown. It is perhaps what is found within all love (s). It is something we cannot control with all the emotions we bring and hard work we bring. It Just IS. Many smiles!!!!!

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