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I love my blog and I love my blog family just as much. I realised the other day I’d much rather page through the blogs of my friends on-line than read a magazine. These are the people who make my blogging experience wonderful.

Eduardo Siders,  is my absolute favourite person on-line. I just love him. He doesn’t have a blog but you’ll always see his comments on my posts. I think I came to blog-world mainly to be friends with him.

Lloyd, my friend from Cape Town, currently calling himself Scott Jansen, is such a great writer. What he can do with 57 words on his blog 021loving is amazing and his posts always have the most awesome pictures.

Suzy Q is the artsy lady from Cutie Beautiez accessories for kids. She has an Etsy Shop and always leaves a like or comment on my posts. Thanks Suzy! You can find her at Cutie Beautiez.

Swajithkas is one of the first friends I made on-line. His blog Quotations Idioms and Proverbs explores the wisdom contained in the sayings we use without thinking. I’ve found some inspiration for my blogs from his. Thanks Swajithkas.

There’s Thea, my sister in real life. She’s a full-time teacher, but also runs a cupcake business and is opening a baby clothing store online. She shows me that sisterly love all the time. Check her blog at Cupcakenism. Clearly she inherited a busy-bee gene that I didn’t.

Julia loves red shoes, good food and great pictures. She’s a real honey and we met at the Photo 101 course.  Visit My Red Page to meet her.

Wumi Balogun teaches proper comportment in business and beyond at his blog FOS Image UK. If you want to know how to make an impact, build a brand or if you’re man who wants to look dapper, this is the blog.

Susan Rushton has a blog filled with the most beautiful photos of flowers. We recently started chatting and she’s already given me some advice about getting more visitors to my site. Besides gardening and photography Susan’s blog, called Susan Rushton also has some posts on marketing with great advice on how to make your blog stand out more.

Sabiscuit is an intelligent woman who speaks her mind freely on her blog Sabiscuit’s Catalog. Her posts make me wonder why I don’t put more thought into mine. I like being around people who force me to up my game. It features fashion and good food as well as great thoughts.

Last but not least in any way is my girl T (don’t know her full name) at TJUNXN. Read about her escapades on her blog. Girl, I still owe you one for that reblog.

Thanks for making this experience such a pleasurable one and let’s share the love amongst ourselves, family. We all want one more like, comment or follow, so we have to give to get. Please leave me the links to your favourite blogs in the comment section.

As the mythical Scott Jansen always says: “1love”.



      • THIS time you almost said to much and left me nothing to say . SO I let my spirit speak to you, and it never lies . LOVE never fails , and i thank my FATHER he has given me this love for you . And my FATHER showed me what you looked like and who you are , before you did . But i have one more wish . ask me what it is if you dare , hahaha

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  1. My sister and second best friend , sorry my FATHER has the first place in my life . So you will always be my second .hope its ok ? I pray that i can live up to the way you thank of me . And i pray i will never let you down . When are you coming to MEX ? AND when are you planing to let me see what you look like ? I dont care if your black , white , green ,or yellow , or if you are fat , skinney, tall or short . YOU are my sister and second best friend . And i love you to .


    • I’d gladly take that second place Eduardo. I love our chats in blog world and I really appreciate all the support I have gotten from you. I will be post a picture of myself and I definitely will let you know should I ever be in your country. Check for my picture soon.
      Much love!

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  2. Once i sent a scripture which was Matt 16:20 to a blog nothing else . what i got back was that i was the Antichrist , And they said i need to listen to them . because they were teaching the only true doctrine . Many people are closed minded and they love to judge outhers . I love to tell people what my FATHER tells me . BUT not many want to listen , so NETTA and you to SABISCUIT keep up the good work

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