My Jobless Life

Hi, all my friends on A Lover of Men, I have just started a new blog called My Jobless Life. There is a link at the bottom of the page under the section “Blogs I follow”.

As you may or may not know I am a self-ordained writer and I have been my own boss for the past 6 years. This new blog is about how I have to make my life work without a job, using only my skills and passions.

I would appreciate it sooo much if you would check out my blog sometime even though there isn’t much to read at the moment.

Here is a picture of my dream machine, my HP Pavilion g6. 2 Years old and never been sick. Love this machine and it is the one tool that helps me realise my greatest dream, being a writer.


Henry Ford had his model T, Alexander Graham Bell had his telephone, Willie Wonka had his chocolate factory and I have my HP.

I would love some interaction with any other people who are bossing themselves. Some tips and advice are always welcome.

I appreciate the support I’ve received from my fellow WordPressers thus far. Thank you very much.


One comment

  1. Netta,
    Congratulation for creating this wonderful blog, I visited it,read your post,commented on it and subscribed for it.
    At present, I do not have any specific tips but in future I will certainly find out some ways and means to help you in your this dream career.
    Wishing you all the best……………….

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