Men Crave Softness

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Every man is looking for the solace of his soul.

One difficult lesson that I have learnt about men is that when a woman becomes hard and harsh her attractiveness decreases. When a woman loses her soft side the most important and beautiful part of her is lost, because men crave softness.

Men are never going to tell you this though, therefore the long, painful, confusing experiences some of us had, are having and will have. They’ll tell you it’s loyalty they’re after, they’ll tell you it’s respect, they say they need their space, they’ll each have a different way to describe what they are after; but I call it softness.

There is an intense desire in men to please their women and a lot of their self-esteem is wrapped up in how well they execute that desire. A woman who cannot be pleased is a terror that men normally shy away from. But happy, smiling face rains sunshine on any man’s day whether you’re his woman or not. Believe that!

Men try to avoid at all cost an angry woman because they find conflict highly disturbing. It does not matter whether he’s the one you are angry at or not. It does not matter whether your anger is justified or not; men are scared of an angry woman. Being caring and patient however, works wonders that anger could never accomplish.

Most women know that the man the outside world knows is far different from the one who lays next to her in bed at night. We know that they love it when you baby them when they’re sick. They say men fall asleep after great sex, in my experience they pour their hearts out then. They’re not supposed to want to be cuddled and caressed, but we all know they snuggle up just as much as we do. A soft, loving tone can straighten out the worst of a man’s moods if you get your timing right. Giving him your full attention while he talks about his interests and work makes him want to be with you more and more. I’ll say it again: I love men! The contradiction between the big, strong, tough exterior and the mushy inside just does it for me.

Knowing that men are deeply sensitive would help any woman in her relationship. The lengths that men go to to ensure that their feelings aren’t hurt are almost unimaginable to a woman.  Many mothers tell this secret to their daughters and many daughters don’t listen. Listen this time: Don’t take his feelings lightly, he is not as tough as he acts.

We women get over things much easier than men do. Men are hard on themselves, men are hard on other men and woman’s power comes from giving what he cannot find elsewhere; softness. Every human being responds positively to loving treatment and despite the apparent emotionlessness, men included.



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