How I Met My Soul Mate

34d4b9c15eec8a81f359072db69ee792He came looking for me. That is how I met my soulmate. He called my cell phone and said: ʺIs this Netta speaking? Hi, this is Fergusson; where are you. I have to come and see you.ʺ

And that is the truth. I have been told that when you are ready your desires come looking for you. I have experienced this more than once in my life and it has taught me a few hard truths, specifically about Soul Mate Love.

I have learnt that we all have the power to create but we have to earn the right to access it consciously. Mostly we create what we see others have done before us and we just follow suite, without even knowing that we are doing so. Even if we are enlightened to the fact that we are creators we don’t really take that information seriously.

I have learnt that you cannot just say that you want to be with your soul mate and have it. You can’t just snap your fingers and have your spiritual counterpart pitch up like magic, you have to earn that person. Not earn them because you don’t deserve them but because being with them consciously is such a great task.

I don’t think that finding your soul mate is such a rare and exotic thing, instead I believe that most spiritual counterparts are close at hand, have been or will be in our lives at some point. The questions is are we consciously engaging with them for who they really are or are they just part of the furniture of our existence?

What will you do when you find your spiritual counterpart? My initial objective was just to know that such a person does exist. I dared not hope for more because I was working toward realising something that I had been told is a fantasy. Yet another side to me wanted to experience a love that restored people’s faith in love and demonstrated the reality of spiritual counterparts. My desire was and is to experience a love so overwhelming that it overflows the boundaries of my bond with my soul mate and spills into the world infecting everyone it comes into contact with. I stand under correction but I don’t think that we would get to be together if our objective was just to vegetate and grow old together.

Are you willing to stay the journey that leads from where you are now to being with The One. I have always felt him I just wanted to see him (my one that is) with my own eyes and manifesting that took 4 years, 1 month and 7 days (if you don’t count the years of unarticulated yearning that went before). If anyone had told me on the outset that it would take that long I would have balked at the idea, because I didn’t know then what I know now. I was married a man who was willing to spend 13 years with me while we both worked on the challenges we came into this life with and I am grateful for the time we had. I knew he was not The One. I met 3 more awesome men during the journey, but I knew from the outset none of them was the person I was looking for. Right before meeting my man I was actually dumped. Yes! However I was dumped by someone who turned out to be one of my greatest teachers. He did the final training that prepared me for the arrival of the man I had been waiting for my whole life.

When you say you want to be with The One, do you mean The Real One or the one you want? What are you going to do when you find out that The One is sometimes harder to be with the than the non-one? Are you going to give up after a few arguments, when it doesn’t go the way you envision, when it isn’t all sunshine and light? Are you still going to want to be with your one? Those are questions that have to be answered before The One can appear.

Are you The One for that matter? Are you someone worthy of being The One to another person? Do you know and value your own worth? Do you strive to bring forward the best in yourself and challenge yourself to grow? If you don’t consider yourself worth the effort you’re disqualified from being with The One. Doesn’t The one deserve to also be with whoever is The One to them?

In the end, I didn’t have to do anything to find the one except prepare myself. As it turned out he was someone I had known my whole life and had never spoken a word to before. Someone with whom I share so many ties I that I still cannot explain how we never had contact before. And he came to my doorstep to present himself. I never worked at getting him into my life. I realise now that the process that took more than 4 years was not to find him, but to prepare myself.

You have to love the way the process of creation works. One day you get dumped and a few weeks later Prince Charming comes knocking on your door.

In my next post I explore what my so-called failed relationships taught me.



  1. 3 yrs before i meet my last love. my FATHER showed me in a vison a picture of a women .THEN HE told me this is your wife . wow after i married her many yrs later she showed me a picture of her . it was the same one my FATHER showed . WHAT he said came true . And what HE says is always good if we listen . Even when we dont like what we hear . AFTER we married i thought i married the oldest daughter of SATAN himself . But not now . BECAUSE HE showed me why HE took her . And turned my life around . I was proud and thought i knew everthing . NOW i know nothing only what my FATHER tells me. IF you ask me was it worth it ? YES YES YES YES , BECAUSE through her HE taught me the BEST friend anybody can have is our CREATOR and the next best friend is the mate HE gives to us————- Please give a hug and a kiss for me and then tell him to give you one for me . INTELL we meet in HEAVEN there we can do it our selfs


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