Two Kinds of Love Advice

be presentI believe there are two kinds of advice in the world. One kind is for human beings to live and die and is usually based on actions and aimed at everything that appears in our lives; people, things, circumstances, etc. The other kind is eternal advice, the kind that is eternally and universally relevant. The second kind is advice for the soul and reaches beyond our human identity. There was a time when I was hooked on the advice given by human beings for other human beings. Often I didn’t agree, sometimes I felt offended and other times the advice was contradictory, even stupid. Eventually I realised that spiritual advice aimed at the eternal part of who I am worked for everything in my life, and it usually focused on what is happening in my inner territory. It turned out to be the best love advice too.

As you give so shall you receive, multiplied. My desire for a loving, intimate, peaceful relationship filled with integrity would only come about when I give that and not while I sit and complain about not finding it.

Act as if. This one should actually be first because of the impact it has on my life and how often I fall back on it. I have learnt that one of the most powerful ways to change yourself is to imagine how you would act, what you would say, how you would feel, what it would look like if your desire were to show up and then start acting as if it happened already. I had to start acting like woman who deserved only the best treatment and eventually I experienced it.

Stay in the moment. It’s so easy to get lost in the pain of yesterday and the fears of tomorrow that beautiful, heavenly moments slip by unnoticed. My man once said: ” You’re so focused on not getting hurt again that you forget something wonderful is happening between us. I don’t know where or how this will end or if it will, so I can’t tell you. All I know is this amazing.” Then I remembered that he doesn’t have any special powers that I don’t possess. The lesson for me has always been don’t worry about the future you can only create it by making each moment as you wish the future to be.

Keep the heart happy. I am one of those people who thinks with her heart, when my heart says no it’s a no-go. Yet, like everyone else I was taught that things had to make sense to my head first. I have learnt that my heart is never wrong. When the heart speaks I listen, it knows things that I cannot even articulate and it will never lead me to a place where I should not be.

The best counsel is the small voice within. I once read a book by a very well respected spiritual teacher where she highlighted all the ways in which we sabotage our relationships. That was one of the instances where the advice seemed good, but went against everything that I knew and had experienced at that point. I ended up feeling so confused and lost after reading her book. Then came the small voice and said: “The best counsel is your own. What you are told from the inside is immeasurably more important than anything you find outside yourself. Your inner guidance is based on the totality of who you are and what your truest and deepest intentions and desires are. The writer of the book means only well, but nothing supersedes your inner knowledge.” Now that was dodging a bullet.

Good advice is normally simple and makes you wonder why you didn’t come up with it yourself because it seems so right and so practical. Universal truths are like that.



  1. Netta;
    First of all please accept my heartfelt congratulation for writing such a wonderful post.
    Since last few days we have become friends and following each others posts and your each post is absolutely amazing, believe me your blog and posts on this blog are very relevant, useful and effective for many troubled soul, so, initially, people may not know too much about your blog but once they will come to know they will praise and admire of your these advice or suggestions.
    Please stay in contact;
    Wishing you all the best…………………………

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      • I meant your own name, not the name of your blog. I prefer to address people by their name, its seems so impersonal when I don’t know a persons name. Or will Swajithkas do?

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      • Concerning your comment on the voice from within . When i was younger than 3 i heard it for the first time and i know it was my FATHER . And HE has never told me something that was not true . And ever time i talk to HIM its always the same voice . Full of love and pac when i did something wrong . HE said it was a mistake , and says this is the way i teach you . intell you are like me. And HE never gets mad at me . ONE time HE told me to build him a house when i had no money . I ask HIM how can i do this with no money ? I knew HE would tell me what to do . Build it trusting in me i will provide what you need when you need it . AND thats what HE did . How can i not believe and trust in HIM . When everything HE tells me comes true.

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      • Eduardo, I cant speak for other people but I appreciate the fact that you always read my blog and take the time to comment. I value your comments because they always refer to the higher aspects of being human. WordPress is a public platform that encourages people to interact with each other and we all have the right to do it here. So lets keep talking to each other.

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      • NETTA If i had a choice to be with my FATHER or stay here with you . I cant lie i would chose to stay here with you . Because you have things to tell me and i am ready to listen


  2. Swajithkas will do.
    But, being a low-profile person I don’t want too much glamour or glory, I always prefer to remain in my own zone, so, I prefer people remember my blog, my posts, the silent and explicit message on the posts…………………….
    Is it sufficient????????????????????????

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      • Dear Eduardo, that small voice inside has always proven to give the best possible advice there is. I have learnt not to doubt it even when there is no evidence to support what it tells me. Over time everything it informs me of is proven as the truth. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who hears voices inside myself.

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  3. One carter Love has it shows us all the wrong ways and also the good ways. then guides you to the perfect way and the only way . And everone we share it with. Start shareing it with outhers . THIS is when the whole world can fall in love with each outher . Plant the seed of love, and you will get 1 million times more that you plant . BUT rember it started with our creator , then to us. and his desire is to LOVE his creation . THIS encludes all not just a few.——–ALL of his creation has LOVE . however if we dont share it with outhers we dont get any back . BESIDES LOVE has no limits it will even raise the dead

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    • IT looks like my turn to give to you . there are 2 types of love in this world if there is 3 at this time i dont know what it is . IF there is my FATHER will tell me when HE is ready .——- The one is true love that come from are FATHER . And it solves ever problem and is pac . And always wins in the end . THE outher is man made sooner or later you give up and look for another——–A farmer that prepares the ground plants is seed . must also correct his mistakes . BUT he must look for them and except that it was he who did it . and never get mad——- DOES this hungry heart look like it has nothing to give back?


  4. The word judgeing and guideing sometimes get confused———– BY judgeing someone you condem them for what they did or what you think they did. Guideing should be in love showing the person where they whent wrong . and pray that they will listen


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