A Path with Heart

path with heart

This blog is a leap of faith, a supreme act of believing in myself and what my heart tells me and ignoring everything that does not support it.

An act of courage that goes against the notion that soul mates are a romantic fantasy.

A risk taken that love and devotion can transcend the boundaries of the social and legal structure of marriage.

A stand taken for the nobility I see in all men and the endearing protectiveness of a man’s love in a world where patriarchy has decimated the truth of the beauty of masculinity.

A rejection of the limitations placed on us by trying to convince us that we are equal to men when there is in fact nothing in the world equal to a woman.

A bold rejection of subservience in order to live my life as a conscious expression of God.

An act of allegiance to myself by acting as if the visions I’ve seen with my mind’s eye are my reality right now.

Carlos Castaneda says in his book about the nagual Don Juan that Don Juan taught him that all paths lead nowhere it only matters whether your heart is in the path you choose. The path I have chosen is to believe that the upliftment of humankind will come from restoring love, respect and understanding between a man and a woman. Didn’t it start with one man and one woman after all? This path contains the entirety of my heart.



  1. WE must never trust what we believe . BECAUSE it can and will deceive us . because it comes from our carnelmind . IF it doesent come from your spirit its not true. WHY our creator speaks only to our SOUL and if we listen it tell us what our FATHER tells both of us . And its always is true . if it has not happened yet . it will in the near future


  2. Our FATHER which was in HEAVEN created our bodys to live in them . And our soul to teach us both . Trust in HIM BECAUSE he will never let us down

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  3. When the words of our creator teaches us his way. IT is sweet and good as honey . When we hear him speak it does the same thing in us as HONEY . However when we see him face to face . SO wonderfull it shall be : there we shall have a body just like HIM . AND live for ever


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