A Small Light

wrongdoingI just want to share something small someone said to me that shed so much light on what I think might be the secret experience of many men.

ʺThe world shows a person a way of being that is unsatisfying and you feel unable to chase after something more or something different because all men are experiencing the same thing. There is no love in their marriages, they feel unfulfilled in their relationships and to say misunderstood would be a grave understatement. For any man it is hard to ask more of himself when the world around you tells you that everyone is satisfied with misery and dissatisfaction. The more you live that life the more it eats away at you. I feel lost and I feel better off by myself than with those who show me misery is the only path, most of them are the people closest to me. They model a life that I don’t want to live, but what else is there? ʺ

I know that there are many women to whom this will sound like the greatest cop-out ever. Women who have been hurt, disappointed, deceived, betrayed and abandoned will not just swallow this down. I didn’t at first. The greatest thing that I have ever done for myself is to do for another what I wished they would have done for me had I been in their shoes. To take the time and consider what you’d do if the shoe was one the other foot takes great courage. I believe the strength of a woman’s heart enables her to do so.

Yes, I have already admitted that I love men, hence the name of the blog, so I cannot say that I’m impartial. In fact I’m completely involved and consumed by the interaction between men and women. I think it’s about time that we take different action in dealing with the opposite sex, we as humanity not just us women. Instead of wanting the other party to change can we maybe try to understand each other better? I think just listening, without prejudice, to another point of view can do much to heal the hurts we carry from the relationships we have been in.

I want to change the world by restoring our belief in love and our belief in each other, but we will never do that unless we become open to seeing the world from the vantage point of another.



  1. Thanks for the post, I think that to acknowledge there might be less difference between men and women than is assumed would make the switch of vantage points easier. “What would a partner want as a human, not as a man or a woman?”

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    • Max, thanks for the comment. It took me many years to figure out that men have all the same emotions women do. It sounds ridiculous, but I’d take a chance and say that is the thinking of many women. What we have to ask ourselves is where these notions come from. I am being taught to change my thinking and my behaviour towards men and their response toward me will change, but that is true for everything in life. Your attitude determines what you outcome will be. Your comment is so enlightening. Thanks for responding!


      • NETTA the truth is explaned concerning this and it tells us what to think and what does matter . This way man and women will do the same thing . However when they use their CARNELMIND . it deceives them by lieing to them . DOESNT the scriptures say beware of you carnelmind it will deceive you if you listen to it ? THEN are creator never uses are minds, when HE speaks to our spirit . and if we listen to it .IT will tell us what are creator said to him. OUR creator is a spirit so he speaks to us by speaking to our spirit . this is the only way, he knows everthing and is not deceved . WHEN we pray to HIM he listens to the spirit that you are useing . OUR carnel mind is a spirit when we use it to ask for something from him HE will not listen . HOWEVER when you pray useing your spirit that lives in us HE does listen and gives us what we desire. There is a lot more but now is not the time

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    • I will dare say IF we knew the truth and the love THAT our creator has for all of us. WE then could and would love outhers like HE love us . True and perfect love forgives. IN the natural we love those who love us. This way we cant love thoses who hurt us or offends us. And when we judge them we also judge our selfs . OUR CREATOR judges no one or anything THE real question do we ?

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  2. HI NETTA The wisdom in your words came from your creator . And in your words anybody can find the solution for any problems they may have or will have. And your desire comes from your soul which is perfect and it agrees with your FATHER which lives in you .KEEP it up you do not know how much you help me

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    • Hi Eduardo, I agree with you that those words came to me because I asked a higher source to help me understand men better. I see a decline in the level of happiness in all relationships and I just wanted to understand why that is so because in my heart I know that God (as I know God) could not have intended us to be unhappy in the relationships we all so deeply desire. Thanks for the great comment!

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      • COULD the truth be the reason of the decline ? COULD it be that man and women are to busy trying to change each outher . INTELL they stop listening . then start hateing each outher ? One says i am right the outher says no i am right .

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  3. This is to show us what HE tells us HE conferms it by telling outhers and its all true proven by the facts and not are own thoughts. SURE his spirit is everwhere . And HE does speak to all of us . the truth also most people dont know how to listen . Therefor they speak their own opinion . thoses that listen to HIM speaks what HE says to them . And each time HE adds a little bit more . Intell the whole truth is known. LOVE YOU AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

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    • I agree with you Eduardo. I started out questioning everything I was told by the quiet voice inside me, but it never wavered and when I follow what it tells me I never go wrong. And it is true that we grow in understanding and knowledge the more we listen to the voice that speaks within our hearts.


  4. OUR spirit is in agreement BECAUSE we both speak what HE said to our spirit . then HE takes our body and reveils it to each outher and to outhers . BUT most people will not agree BECAUSE they are useing their carnelmind. And they cant agree and this is a fact . OUR CREATOR cant lie and what HE says is always the TRUTH

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