The Hardest Work There Is

soul mate quoteIt is difficult loving someone who doesn’t know how to be loved. If you truly are a loving person yourself you will be moved to give them the love that they can receive and that in itself grows not only their but also your own capacity for loving. Loving is the hardest work that you could possibly do because loving requires that all defences and justifications for separation be laid down. Love requires power, great power. The power of your convictions, the power to see what sometimes is deeply hidden, the power to continue to love those who aren’t doing the same for you. Love is the ultimate power. It draws people in, but it can also be a great repellent and antagonising force that at times discourages those who wish to practice love from doing so. Love heals by seeping into all the wounds and cracks and bruises and hurts and exposing them for what they are and at times this healing is deeply painful. Love repels those who wish not to experience the exposure of their secret hurts and aches. Without this exposure there cannot be healing. Without healing there cannot be progress.


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