The Perfect Relationship Begins Within

wild soulmateWhat if you just left the person who you say you are in love with be who they are? If you require nothing of them except what they are willing to give you. You don’t ask for them to act or be a certain way. If you can just take them as they are, then you really love them. As long as you have requirements of how they should be and what they should act like you are not in love with them, you are just in love with what you expect of them. Love does not restrict a person in any way. Love does not set requirements, love allows everything. Never demand that the person who you love change in order to be with you. Love cannot grow where there is limitation and the only love that will exist is a poor imitation of the real thing. If you want love in your life, truly and honestly give love. Don’t ask your limitations be met before you can be loving. You will never attract true love into your life as long that is the attitude with which you engage with love.

But how will you ever get what you desire in love if you just let the other person have their way all the time?

Believe and understand that the other person is only there because of you being where you are. The other person is only who they are because of who you are. The other person only acts as they do because you act as you do. If you want the other person to prioritise your needs and requirements understand that it will only happen if you do that for another. If you believe that the other person has to earn your love by being a certain way, be assured that they expect the same from you. The moment you are willing to accept them as they are you set up the energy of acceptance not only flowing from you but definitely flowing to you as well.

When you stop restricting a person in who they are allowed to be when they are with you, you will start engaging with the magnificence that there is in each and every human being. You will become privy to the greatest there is in every person. You will inhabit a world of Gods populated by the very same ordinary folks now living on Earth.   You will not need to transcend this world in order to meet with highly evolved beings, you will find the highly evolved being that already lives inside everyone you know. The being that has not made its appearance thus far because there has been no one who wishes to commune with it. No experience is going to transcend who you are being. Be the kind of person you would like to meet in your life and you will surely come across them.

For those who desire devotion, fidelity and commitment in their relationships, give it. Devote yourself, pledge your fidelity and commit unreservedly. Give it not as someone who is at the mercy of another, but as an empowered being who does it by choice and who acts in the knowledge that only that which you send out can return to you. Cowering away waiting for circumstances to fit you before you can be the highest of yourself will never get you what you desire. Rising to your full strength and creating these circumstances will show you that you need not wait until these things are granted you, you can manufacture anything you desire by starting from within.

Your love and happiness does not live in another town, with a new person or in a different relationship. It depends solely on the amount of love you are able to give right now. Only the amount of love that you are able to dispense will be reciprocated. Understand that this is true for anything and everything in your life. Only the amount of belief with which you engage your life with will come to fruition. You create as abundantly and as diminutive as you are. Forget about God blessing you with more than you can ask for. Instead rise up to the knowledge that God is the system by which creation is realised. To the extent and in the spirit which you use this system does it work for you.

Expunge from you memory every way in which this has not worked to your highest good in the past. God lives only in the moment and in this moment you can create that which has never existed before. You can start creating everything you desire from an entirely clean slate. As you continue to create your desires in each new moment, it grows and grows and goes on to create who you are.

Know that you will never be able to accept another as they are if you are unable to accept yourself. The knowledge that everything that you wish to find originates from within is truly fundamental. It asks that you find these things for yourself first before you can give them to another and before you are capable of receiving them from another. Never overlook the abundant source of EVERYTHING that lives inside you.   Never place your desires in the hands of others and never relieve others of their responsibility to give themselves what they need. God has put a system in place that delivers each and every desire, God is that system. Man interferes with this system by believing that they can make others happy. Look into the world and see this as the source of your misery. It is lack of insight that brings misery about, not a lack of God’s blessing.


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