I’ve seen many highs and lows in my journey to understanding men better and one of the most significant things that I have learnt is that the more magnificent a woman is the more love she gets.

I’m talking about everything that makes a woman shine, everything that makes her worthy of being placed on a pedestal, everything that makes her unforgettable; that is her magnificence. Each woman has her own and it resides in our hearts and no man can get enough of it.

Trying to keep a man faithful or committed or just in the relationship through obligation, through need, through fear and even through habit is not worthy of any woman and it’s not necessary either.

I have learnt that you cannot fight love out of a person, and you cannot convince them that loving you is a good idea and you cannot abandon you own power in order to have love. It has been an arduous education thus far, but when I look in the mirror and see my magnificent self looking back, I smile.

I’ll share what my spiritual friends told me when I wanted to know what I should do to have the kind of relationship I envisioned:

“The relationship between you and him is an indication of your relationship with the person within.  All the talking and strategizing in the world will not alter the relationship the two of you have.  Think differently about how relationships work, there is too much focus on your interaction with the other person, when it really is that the other person is reflecting back to you what is happening inside yourself.  That saying that we meet ourselves in intimate relationships is not just something that sounds good and clever, it has deep meaning.  But it is one thing to know of these things and another to practise them. The more you do for yourself the more you do for another person.  The more you give yourself the more there is to be given to others. 
When you say that you no longer look to him for understanding and agreement, or for him to give up his point of view in order to accept yours, a huge door inside yourself has swung open in that you don’t need him to sacrifice his identity in order to bolster yours.  You are now looking in a different direction for your sustenance. You are looking to The Source for your sustenance.  Don’t expect him to come running to you like a puppy dog, because he has his own challenges and his own triumphs that he is working on; the same as you are.  And if you have really grown and really come to a higher perception, so has he.  No one has the upper hand here, because no one requires that of the other.  Leave him to make his decisions in his own way because equally it is about his relationship with the man who lives within.”

Once we know and understand how amazing we are, we will know and understand that there is no way that we cannot be loved. Any man looks at you and doesn’t see treasure can be ignored because clearly he doesn’t understand your kind of magnificence.


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