cactus flower 6Since this is a new blog, I suppose I have to explain myself a bit. I am one of those people who are “sensitive”, not emotionally so, but spiritually. I don’t like adding labels to myself so I wont define it more than that. I will say that I know things before they happen, I feel people’s emotions and especially their intentions and I hear voices in my head (did she just say that?!). These voices always help me out in a tight spot with the simplest most practical advice and they never get tired of helping me. Two years back they asked me if they can speak through me and I agreed and I use my writing for this. I call the voices my spiritual friends and their words will always be the ones in bold print.

I’ve been in a tight spot in the last few days again and this is part of what they said to me. I assume that this could apply to someone other than just myself under the right circumstances, so hear them/me out:

“Right now you are reminded that even all the science of being that you have been studying in your life are things that only relate to human beings and who you truly are is much more than that. The being behind all these actions is something much greater than it appears and ultimately the rules and laws of this world are irrelevant to that entity. This man is the being of your being. How many times has he said that he wants what you want and how many times have we told you the same thing. Now you understand better because you release you only want what he wants. There is something that happens that is different to usual living. When two people come together in truth each lays down their expectations and start to require more of themselves. They start to give the best of who they are to the world because of the love they share. When you are in space of real love you start to lay your expectations down because what you require for your happiness is only that which your other requires for theirs. Love is hard work in human terms, in view of the soul, the eternal you, its simple. There is only one rule: Make you heart happy. As I have said to you before and I say it again, the world opens up to you when you do what makes your heart happy. I will say it as many times and in as many different ways as possible until you finally believe it.
Love between spiritual counterparts is essential to making your world work, never write it off or trivialise it as being only a means of self-gratification. It is the fabric that your world is built on, cherish it, work at it and make it as good as you possibly can.
To that I want to add that every fantasy of love that humans cherish is possible, every secret desire can be fulfilled, if it could not you would not be imagining it. Its requires only that you know it can happen for you to experience it. Be courageous and call on the strength of your hearts and know that this information is given that you would understand and trust more in what is inside yourself than what lives outside. Everyone desires love and there is no logical way that such a core need will go unprovided. Understand that everything must respond to reasonable thinking. The truth is always simple.”



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