The best thing you can do for the man that you love is to help him build a kingdom. What women do is hold the men of this world to a higher standard. Women are meant to keep men connected to what is real and what is truly valuable. Yes, it will piss off many feminists, but it will not change the fact that each gender has a basic responsibility and a basic role to play.

When you don’t guide your man towards building a family and a home and building something of value with his labour you abandon him to a futile life. No man wants to come to the end of his life and find that he leaves behind no legacy. No legacy of his blood, no legacy of a good life that he built with a woman that he has been good to, no legacy of what all his hard work has been for.  Yes, it is up to him to put in the effort and you cannot make someone do what he does not want to, but a woman has the unique ability to guide softly yet strongly.

Do not think that you will find favour with the man in your life if you go with whatever he wants and whatever he says. Men understand that their judgement is flawed and even when they protest, any man who is mature of mind will know that a woman probably have insights that go much deeper and she is able to see complexities that aren’t always apparent to a man. If you succumb to his logic and his thinking, he will not only resent you for it he will blame you for not helping him create what is valuable in life. It does not sound fair but if you understand how the system truly works you will see that everything operates in perfect order if you follow what you are naturally inclined to do.

Men need to feel needed, they need to do for those they love and that is the highest calling that an every-day man has. He wants to give his people everything that they need to be happy. What his people provide him with is a plan and road map for his efforts. You have to know what you want from him so that he can know what to do. By knowing and asking for what you want you basically guide and drive him towards a meaningful life. That is a woman’s work in the equation. You receive the fruits of his efforts, but I tell you that you have a responsibility to draw up the map and keep him to it.

Children will always be drawn to their mother, and mothers will always represent home no matter how old a child becomes. Home is where a woman is, not only for her children, but for the men of this world. Don’t allow the men in your life to squander their strength and their effort and come to the end of their lives homeless. Make your man obey your rules in a soft but firm manner. He needs it more than he will ever admit to.


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