The constructs of marriage and relationships that currently exists have to be broken in order for something new to stand in their place. It will take a strong couple to be at the forefront of breaking down the old paradigm and it will be taxing on their relationship; driving them to separation over and over again. But with true love and resilience they will find each other again and again each time on higher ground than before.
Love is power, not a soppy weak-hearted emotional state. Being loving is being powerful. To stand in the face of a broken relationship time and again and not lose courage and not lose hope in what could be requires great personal power. Don’t be scared to let the relationships shatter and renew themselves. Holding onto what was is immeasurably more difficult than enduring the pain of a broken relationship. When each one can let their true feelings, their true fears, their true desires walk freely through the relationship there can exist the deepest of connections otherwise impossible.
When he says that he hates you, its true. Just as you are sick of him. Where else in the world do you have the platform to truly say that to someone without fearing the repercussion and the loss that normally accompany your most authentic of feelings? Air all of this, but understand that this is a spectre and not reality. This is the smoke and not the flame. The flame is love. As the flame burns away all obstacles their smoke rises as negative emotions. Express them and release them and never hold it against one another what is said in these moments. Never fear the arguments and the breaks in your relationship. Don’t resist the separations or resist flowing back together. you must have anĀ understanding that it leads to the place and love you wish to experience. It’s ok, you don’t have to have all the answers on day one to have a successful relationship.


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