a lion's love

Fidelity is not the impossible dream we are told it is. Personal experience teaches me that men are capable of being 100% focused on one woman. That woman could be you, if you inspire him to be faithful to you.

Love and devotion cannot be forced out of anyone, we can only be the kind of woman for whom love and devotion is just deserts. Many women only know how to use an unhealthy, ineffective form of obligation to try and coerce their men to faithfulness. That is not necessary. Each and every woman has the natural ability to capture and maintain the attention of the man of her choice. And contrary to what you have been told, men want exactly the same things women want, albeit for different reasons and in differing forms.

This advice is not aimed at manipulating your man or making him do something he doesn’t want to. Most of the advice is about changing your mind-set and attitude towards men, and some of it will encourage you to say or do certain things. Yet, this advice will not work unless you put it to work. Become a lover of men and every man will love you, especially your own.

The ground rules of dealing with men are the following:

  1. Women lead and men follow. Learn how to be the power behind the thrown in a way that makes you unforgettable.
  2. Your man will do anything humanly possible to make you happy. Learn how be served by your man.
  3. Not age, nor beauty, nor brains, nor background, nor size counts when a man seeks out your company. Learn how to make him feel good when he is with you; that’s all that really counts with him.
  4. Men are 1000 times more emotional than you think. Learn to be more sensitive to his feelings and he will run to you.
  5. Men fall into your lap when you practise approval, appreciation and admiration. Learn how to become his sweetheart.
  6. Sex is important. Learn to allow your man to pleasure you – that’s what sex is really about with a man who loves you.

These basics and others like it will be referred to in my blog. These 6 points are better than money in the bank, they are solid gold. Should you never read any other post, just knowing and practicing these 6 points will already have positive impact on your relationship.

This is advice is not based on science or research or hearsay, this I know first-hand. Paying attention to men and their reactions has taught me things that men themselves cannot explain. The only caveat to my advice is this: You have to put it to use and keep and open heart. Knowing means nothing unless you use what you know. Keeping an open heart means leaving a person to express their true feelings. Just because you change what you do today does not mean that he is obliged to turn into Mr. Perfect in 30 seconds. For most of us there is much damage to undo before progress can be made.

Men see us as the ultimate prize, prime motivation for all their efforts. Start believing and acting like a woman worthy of such focused effort and you will receive more of it.


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